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The Aerosol and Nanoscience Group belongs to the Laboratory of Physical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences of ETH Zurich.

The group is led by Prof. Dr. Ruth Signorell. More information on her and on the other group members can be found on the Group member's webpage.

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In the Signorell research group, we use light for the detection, manipulation, and characterization of ultrafine aerosol particles and nanoparticles in order to learn more about their physical-chemical properties.

What interests us when we study ultrafine aerosol particles and nanoparticles?

  • Structural properties (internal structure, surface properties)
  • Reactive processes (gas-particle reactions, photochemical reactions) and phase transitions (freezing, glass formation)
  • Evaporation, condensation, coagulation, and new particle formation
  • Confinement effects in the light-particle interaction
  • Optical trapping and manipulation of single aerosol particles
  • Development of new methods for the detection of ultrafine aerosols

For a more detailed description of our research topics, visit the Research page or learn more about our research by reading one of our Publications.


Prof. Signorell teaches several physical chemistry courses of the chemistry undergraduate and master curriculum. To see what is currently being taught by Prof. Signorell, please check the Education page.

People interested in semester, master, Ph.D. or postdoctoral projects should see our Open Positions page to learn about open positions.

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